a think tank AND product lab DELIVERING BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS for brands and causes.

Brand/Consumer relationships are dynamic economies, and for the first time in modern history, we have tools that can amplify that relationship in amazing new ways and redefine the meaning of "value".

With an expertise forged in global branding, advanced technologies and economics, our world-class network of professionals design customized solutions for our clients to help them navigate the complex economic environment of emerging decentralized digital engagement ecosystems.

All Money Is A Matter Of Belief.
— Adam Smith, Economist (1723-1790)

If we take Adam Smith at his word (which we all have), then belief is the main driver of value. This is the core premise behind our strategic thinking. As a private think-tank, decentralized incubator and product lab, we set ever-higher benchmarks to create greater understanding, transparency, efficiency and results for all stakeholders in the value chain.



Alternative Currencies like Bitcoin and Altcoins  are exploding the very concepts of money, value and engagement. MintCombine leads the way in creating the products, tools and programs that empower digital currencies to expand real-world value on a global basis. 


Distributed RESOURCES

Through a decentralized portfolio of alliances, we are the very essence of 360-degree thinking; creating a distinct value chain of targeted engagement. Our amazing tech minds and seasoned brand professionals help you to develop exciting new 1:1:X opportunities. 


Strategic Deployment

Use our expertise to enhance and accelerate your company's worth. We help you uncover the true value of your brand and holistically engage your followers through advanced strategic applications designed and tailored to your precise and specific needs.







Digital value embodies the promise of a powerful, exciting, world-changing force. This new take on value is comprised of platforms and frameworks that drive Fresh Thinking, Brand Innovation and Previously Unexplored Value.

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We work with some of the brightest digital currency minds on earth. Our cohort of marketing gurus, legal experts, compliance specialists, PhDs, economists, educators and code warriors all converge on projects to ensure state-of-the-craft turnkey results.



Our professional network covers the US, Latin America, Europe & Africa, giving us a global view of digital currency development which informs our collective thinking. Sustainability is key to the new engagement - global thinking shows the way.







The rapidly evolving private digital economy climate demands clear thinking and solutions that can be applied to shifting brand environments. MintCombine is a trusted advisor, developer and partner, providing solutions that foster a smarter, safer approach to digital asset development based on knowledge, experience and a culture of innovation.

Through our access to accurate, up-to-date information, we also provide comprehensive branded ecosystem assessments, intelligence analysis and risk evaluation in support of our customers’ private asset missions.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and tools needed to make dynamic and strategic recommendations on a number of issues such as: adoption, sustainability, security, and mission support.

Rik Willard

Branding & Marketing

Rik founded the first US company for large-screen public HDTV advertising and consulted on many of the LED screens still seen in Times Square. From content monetization through the convergence of digital signage, mobile, e-commerce and social media, he has amplified brand engagement for global majors including include Lucent, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Sony, Met Life, Dictaphone and MGM Resorts.


Marco Santori


Marco is an executive at and a recognized authority in digital currencies law. He is the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee and author of the Bitcoin Law series of articles available on CoinDesk. Marco has spoken at the US Dept of the Treasury, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, and numerous industry events on Bitcoin regulatory issues.


Stephen DeMeulenaere

Currency Ecosystems

Stephen is a Co-founder at Coin Academy, which develops and curates educational content for Cryptocurrencies. He is the Founder of The Complementary Currency Resource Center and a Fellow at, which designs, implements and supports customized Community Currencies, including the famous Brixton Pound. 


Rena Wheaton


Rena is a Columbia University trained lawyer, admitted to both the New York and California Bar. She has represented some of the largest technology companies in the world including Epson and Titan Mobile. Rena has also worked with Bitcoin advocate Tim Draper and held GC posts in the Telecom sector in both the US and Africa. She has represented scores of tech startups in various capacities.


Juan Llanos


Juan is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, managing AML and regulatory compliance programs for multiple international jurisdictions, including Canada, Italy, the United States and Spain. He is recognized as a pioneer in the development of compliance, operational and risk management best practices for money remittance and in the emerging Bitcoin sector and is a TED speaker.


Prof. John Edmunds


John is Professor of Finance at Babson College with 300+ articles authored in academic and practitioner journals, and five books. He has a DBA in International Business from Harvard Business School, an MBA in Finance for BU, MA from Northeastern and an AB from Harvard.  He consults with the Rockefeller Foundation and Stanford Research Institute.


Pelle Braendgaard


Pelle is a globally respected cryptocurrency technologist and developer with an impressive body of work in Bitcoin, Payments and Financial Services, Encryption, Digital Signatures and RESTful web services for clients that include Deutsche Bank and DEC. He was also the founder of Kimpochi a startup that pioneered financial services for the unbanked in Kenya.



Malcolm CasSelle


Malcolm is CEO of Timeline Labs. He formerly lead MediaPass as CEO, and was CEO of Xfire. Prior to that, Malcolm was Regional GM for Groupon's joint venture with Tencent in China. He was a co-founder of PCCW, a Hong Kong company valued at $27 billion USD. He has degrees in Computer Science from MIT and Stanford University and speaks both Japanese and Mandarin.


Jeff Carter


Jeff is Chief Strategy Officer for Eyelock, a global security technology firm, and co-founder of the Center For Future Banking, a Joint Venture between Bank of America, MIT and Harvard University. Named among the 5 most innovative US banking executives by American Banker magazine in 2010, Jeff is also a featured TEDx speaker.






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